Staff at a Keighley workplace got all pumped up about their boss’s birthday.

They filled Kevin Mcgrann’s office with hundreds of balloons to express their appreciation of him.

Dozens of workers brought in balloons they had blown up at home, while others came in at 7am to finish the job.

When Kevin arrived at the premises in Russell Street – home to the Powerhouse arm of his business portfolio – he could not get to his office.

Kevin’s finance and events businesses include Powerhouse Media, Powerhouse Events, Money Village and Curly Wig.

Julie Walker, his executive assistant, said Kevin was responsible for employing a large number of staff.

He said: “He’s Keighley born and bred, a very nice guy who works for Keighley and ensures he uses local tradesmen.

“What do you get a very wealthy, successful guy? We decided that what he appreciated more than anything was time and effort. Kevin is very well known in town and he is never stuck for words or an opinion or advice.

“However, we managed to totally shut him up that morning!” Julie refused to reveal which birthday Kevin was celebrating.