A KEIGHLEY healthy foods company is ‘doubling up’ with supermarket giant Morrisons.

The chain is doubling the number of stores that will stock the Scrummies range of fruit snacks from Clearly Scrumptious.

Morrisons has upgraded its deal with Clearly Scrumptious following a positive response by shoppers to the first roll-out in 100 stores.

From this month, the Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry fruit snacks, sold in a multi-pack (5x20g) priced at £2, will be available in more than 200 Morrisons stores across the UK.

Clearly Scrumptious is based at Valley Works in Valley Road, Keighley,

James Feddo, one of the directors, said: “The launch of Scrummies has been incredible and, as a result, we’re now really proud to be stocked across the UK in a major retailer.

“To support the launch, we carried out a major sampling campaign with mother and toddler groups to raise brand awareness and to ultimately encourage more children to eat fruit.

“We found many children who didn’t initially enjoy raisins found the flavours of Scrummies delicious, and it has since helped parents motivate their children to try other fruits.

“Feedback like this is really heartwarming and exactly why we wanted to launch Scrummies and make it available with a retailer like Morrisons.

“Gaining the additional store listing signals a significant vote of confidence from Morrisons in both the Scrummies range and in recognising a small producer like Clearly Scrumptious.

“We look forward to even more feedback about Scrummies and hope it helps even more children to eat a healthier diet that is both fun and rewarding.”

Scrummies are a mix of cranberries and raisins with natural fruit flavours, made to be vegan, gluten free, dairy free and containing no added sugar.

Clearly Scrumptious said that because there are whole fruits with no shapes or pieces, they helped children identify fruit as a treat instead of traditional confectionary items. One pack counts as one person’s ‘five-a-day’.

Clearly Scrumptious was developed by founders Rick Wadsworth and James Feddo after they realised there was a gap in the market. Running in the Yorkshire Dales, they became frustrated at the lack of high-quality dried fruit available in snack-sized portions to carry in their rucksacks for a natural energy source.

Talking with friends and work colleagues, they realised most people ended up reaching for traditional unhealthy snack offerings that are conveniently available.

The men launched Clearly Scrumptious in December 2012 with a product range of Sweet Strawberries, Crunchy Apples, Juicy Cranberries and Tangy Golden Berries. The Scrummies range was launched specifically for the children’s snack market in 2014 with five flavours; blackcurrant, blueberry, cherry, raspberry and strawberry.