A new company is helping other businesses to negotiate health and safety red tape.

In the nine-or-so months since it began trading, DGB Health & Safety Solutions has generated a lot of interest from businesses and housing associations in need of assistance.

It offers services ranging from risk assessments to detailed audits.

Owner David Bennion has been supported by enterprise coach Rav Panesar, from Airedale Enterprise Services in Keighley.

David said: “Rav has opened doors that I didn’t even know existed. Through his support I have attended events which have been very useful in helping me to spread the word and get people interested in what I do.

“I am now working with him on putting together a plan for the future. I want to help more small businesses, letting them know I’m here for them when they need me.

“I have plenty of ideas – I just needed to talk to someone to help develop them. That’s where Rav has been magnificent.

“I want to help businesses recruit, grow and thrive, without them worrying about the red tape of health and safety.

“Since I started, I have been very busy educating people on what they need to do in order to comply with legislation.”