The late Mr Norman White, president-elect of the Keighley Master Bakers’ Association, holds their title board as “air-minded” members prepare to board a hired plane at Yeadon for a day-trip to the Bakers’ Exhibition, at Olympia, in September, 1963.

Mrs Josephine White stands behind him.

Not surprisingly, this outing had been months in the planning.

They left Yeadon at 10am on a Saturday and returned from London at 10pm. The fare was £7 each.

The photograph has been supplied by Mr Stephen White, of Hunter’s Meadow, Silsden, Norman’s son, who reveals that his father was to die at the beginning of 1965 during his term as president.

His daughter was to have been married six hours later.

His North Street confectioner’s shop had to make way for Churchill House, opened in 1967, when compensation was paid for the premises but not for the business.

Formed at the start of the Second World War, the Keighley Master Bakers’ Association was soon protesting against the increased cost of “Bridal Sugar for manufacturing purposes”.

“In July of 1940 they demonstrated their solidarity by unanimously agreeing ‘that in the event of any member being unfortunately put out of business through enemy action to his or her premises, a special meeting be called to see what steps could be taken to enable him to carry on until such times as their premises were again available for business’.”