Some of the tableaux in Keighley Gala processions during the last two years of the Great War were put on by soldiers from the War Hospital, based on Morton Banks.

Rather surprisingly, some had stirring old-fashioned titles like The Last Rally, The Last Cartridge and All That Was Left Of Them.

This more peaceful scene, Back To Mother And Dear Old Home, was contributed by the Spencer Street Auxiliary Hospital, housed in the Congregational Sunday Schools.

The year was probably 1918, as their 1917 offering had been called Somewhere In France.

Its postcard original was sent from Jack to his dad with the message: “This is a photo of our tableau, so I will leave it to you to pick me out.” It was taken in Victoria Park after the procession and includes the wagon-driver on the right.

It looks to have been rather a strange meal, or perhaps the father character had put on his top hat for the benefit of the camera.

The photograph has been supplied by Mr Kevin Seaton, of Shann Lane, Keighley.