FOLLOWING your headline article in last week’s Keighley News – Outrage at hospital as car parking nets £2.4m (July 6) – there are two matters I would wish to raise: 1. With regards to the parking charges, which have not risen for ten years, I would comment as follows.

The fee for two hours’ parking by increasing by 50p, an increase of 20 per cent, which is in line with inflation.

The fee for two to four hours’ parking has increased by 67 per cent, which is about three times the rate of inflation.

The fee for up to 24 hours has in creased by 129 per cent, which is about six times the rate of inflation.

Increases for the two to four-hour and the 24-hour periods is totally unreasonable and unacceptable.What will the parking charges raise in the next three years? Will it be £3.5 million?

2. The other issue is the stress car parking charges impose on patients. Firstly, are they affordable in the first instance. Secondly, appointments can so often overrun and patients are worried about over-staying their parking time. Additional stress is the last thing patients need when attending hospital appointments.

JOHN COLLINSON Oldfield Lane, Oldfield