FURTHER to your front-page story on Airedale Hospital’s car park income – Outrage at hospital as car parking nets £2.4m (Keighley News, July 6) – I can tell you that after a Freedom of Information request from me was eventually grudgingly agreed to by Airedale NHS Trust in 2015, its figures showed that between 2012 and 2015 it levied £2.45 million from the car parks.

This money, according to their own signage, was intended to “fund and enhance security services”. No other purpose was even implied. That the new signage says nothing at all as to the fees’ purpose simply emphasises that point.

Yet the trust’s own figures, which it was apparently able to find easily enough, if very reluctantly, show expenditure on anything but security (pedestrian tunnel and road resurfacing, though never in the car parks) and to a total of £1.15 million. Apparently, none of this money went on car park security.

There remained, and still remains, an unaccounted balance of £1.3 million. Airedale NHS Trust has since refused to reveal to me where this money is or whether it’s been spent and on what. The awful thing is that nobody in authority over the trust seems willing to investigate this financial shambles.

ALLAN FRISWELL Keighley Road, Cowling