I REFER to your articles re Hillsborough in the Keighley News on July 6.

As someone who was in the Leppings Lane terraces, I am pleased the CPS has decided to bring criminal charges against six individuals.

As Trevor Hicks, of the Hillsborough Families Support Group, said: “This is a success for society at large, not just for us.”

After more than 28 long years in their fight for justice, the families of the victims and survivors of the disaster can now have hope that the end is indeed one step closer.

But, my heart goes out to the family of poor Tony Bland, who died of his injuries four years after the disaster. His name was the only one of the 96 victims, excluded from the manslaughter charges against one individual because of the lapse of time involved from when his injuries occurred, according to the law at the time.

But, it doesn’t take away the fact that he received those injuries at Hillsborough – or the fact, as his family has said, that a degree of justice had already been done when the inquests recorded he was unlawfully killed.

But, what a cruel decision for the family to bear, and such a heart-breaking one.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all 96 victims, but especially for Tony’s family at this time.

I dare not write what I really feel about the criminal charges and the pursuit of justice in regard to Hillsborough, as I do not want to prejudice any outcome in these cases. But, when the time comes and justice is finally achieved, it’ll be in the name of all the 96 ... including Tony Bland. Justice for the 96.

RALPH QUIGLEY Crosshills Road, Cononley