HAVING read the recent Ofsted report for Nessfield Primary School, I must say I was very saddened at what I read.

Having worked at Nessfield in the long distant past, I can only say the staff, children and parents were brilliant, and the school did marvellous things.

I have long since moved on, but due to friendships made at the school and an affection for the children I taught, I have observed through the years and have watched its recent demise with great concern and dismay. Having worked in a number of schools around the Bradford district and beyond, I am only too aware of the ‘support’ Bradford Education (formerly Education Bradford when Serco were trying to make a fast buck out of doing nothing to raise standards) always sends along: consultant heads turning up in fancy sports cars to tell already stressed heads and staff what to do; inexperienced staff starting their careers with no direction from a local authority sending in their ‘one solution fits all’ consultants; management being elevated to positions above their current skill level due to a lack of heads available because of the coruscating effects of Sats results.

I am sure the staff at Nessfield are doing their very best in a very demanding and demoralising situation, but I have watched Bradford Education make excuses for nearly 20 years about rising standards, fail to save schools that only need a little support and, worst of all, seem to be more concerned for their reputation than their teachers or support staff.

Why does no one at the council ever lose their jobs or have to go off on long-term sick leave?

ANTONY SILSON Skipton Road, Keighley