REGARDING the report discussing integration of Muslims in British society – Muslims angry at report’s findings (Keighley News, July 20).

The responsibility for the lack of integration must be shared.

Certain sections of the establishment, as well as the mainstream media, have encouraged Islamophobia since the fall of Communism.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community repeatedly quoted the peaceful and inclusive message of the Holy Qur’an, however, it remains that it is not covered extensively in the media. On the other hand, those relatively few people involved in brutality and carnage are given non-stop media coverage and attention, not only in the UK but worldwide.

We live in a climate where Islamic teachings are targeted and all cruelties carried out by Muslims are immediately seized upon and given maximum airtime. The media plays a huge role in influencing public opinion.

Publicity is the oxygen sustaining most extremists groups. It is better to suppress evil and cruel actions of a minority at a time of worldwide conflict and promote all forms of goodness. In this way, evil will not spread.

However, ignoring this principle, the media continues to prioritise its circulation and viewing figures over and beyond the peace of the world. It feeds the propaganda machine of evil groups.

This is an injustice that is sowing the seeds of further division and conflict and hindering integration. It is sad that non-Muslim groups did not highlight this injustice. Racism has now been unleashed, but bear in mind that once racism has swallowed one target, it has a tendency to change direction and find a new target. The lack of mutual respect and failure to join together to promote peace will not only harm the local community, city or country, but the entire world.