WHAT is Transdev playing at changing the number of the wonderful service between Keighley and Leeds from 760 to just 60?

I am now retired and use the service regularly and therefore as a joke my wife bought me a T-shirt and had printed on it, King of the 760.

My lovely shirt is now redundant!

Has Transdev got a use for all the spare 7s it now has? Ha, ha.

Joking aside, although there are sometimes delays due to traffic congestion, it is a great service so keep up the good work Transdev.


Thackley (formerly of Keighley)

* A Transdev spokesman says: "We'd like to thank Mr Loftus for his kind comments.

"We've simplified the 760 in preparation for a range of exciting improvements, including a fleet of brand new and amazing buses, coming to the route later this year.

"Unfortunately, the spare number sevens have now gone to the great scrapyard in the sky, but we're really excited for what the future holds for the 60."