I NOTE that you have asked 'What do you think?' regarding your article headed –Safety calls at danger bridge (Keighley News, August 3).

Your heading is misleading.

Park Lane Bridge, which has existed in its present form since 1885, is indeed a traffic hazard but it is not of itself a 'danger'. What may arguably be dangerous is the lack of care shown by drivers who are negotiating it.

The bridge is not at right angles to Park Lane but is slewed across a highway, which rises steeply from beneath it. The vertical clearance is therefore different on each side of the road.

This presents the anomaly that some high-sided vehicles can be driven under it quite safely up Park Lane, but the same vehicles will foul the bridge when coming down Park Lane. All the accidents you show in the article have been caused by vehicles coming down Park Lane.

Until 2014, the advance signage for both Park Lane Bridge and the neighbouring Pitt Street/Low Mill Lane Bridge was inadequate and it was campaigning by Arthur Walker, consultant engineer to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, supported by myself (as the then chairman of the watch and transport committee at Keighley Town Council), which resulted in BMDC Highways installing the present comprehensive signage.

The addition I would now recommend is a vehicle-activated visual display, which assesses the height of an approaching vehicle and sounds an audible and visual warning. These do exist, as I can testify from personal experience whilst driving double deck buses.

However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that signage alone will never eliminate driver error, as many bus companies know to their cost.