IN answer to the letter by John Roberts – We made a mistake (Keighley News, August 10) – the people who voted for Brexit did not make any mistakes.

Originally, the Common Market was a trade agreement and, over the years, our various Prime Ministers have agreed to treaties that have practically ruined this country.

If it continued, we would have a European Army and Brussels would introduce European income tax codes and collect more of our money. We did not sign up to be a United States of Europe. We, in this country, are British, not European.

Mr Roberts appears to have accepted as gospel all the biased information coming from the BBC, plus all the main ‘remoaners’, like Tony Blair, Vince Cable, Tim Farron, Nick Clegg, Anna Soubry etc.

The Government has said there will not be another referendum so how can it take 650,000 (his figure) who voted for Brexit to change it? The actual figure between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ was 1,269,501.

The facts about this inefficient European Commission that should be published continuously are as follows: £300 million is wasted every month by running two Parliaments; MEPs cost about three times as much as an MP; expenses paid to MEPs; our fishing industry almost wiped out.

With regard to immigration, people who wish to work here will still be allowed entry.

I think the remoaners are the ones who have created a fear that immigrants who are working here will be sent back.

Thanks to the EC, I can now buy a straight cucumber, but I am not able to buy my choice of vacuum cleaner. The firm has ceased trading, thanks to the EC.

A question that is well worth asking to any who voted ‘no’ – if you had some money to invest, would you place it in an organisation that never had an audit?

HAROLD TOMLINSON Bradford Road, Riddlesden