THE eventual admission regarding the intended sale of Keighley Police Station is quite a surprise to the people of Outer Mongolia I should imagine, but not to many of the Keighley population.

The statement by Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Burns-Williamson is reassuring as he states the new building (or whatever) should be more appropriate to the modern-day needs of the police and staff, or words to such effect.

Let's hope the term 'police' means just that and not just a helpdesk staffed by a PCSO between the hours of nine and five, as I predicted some years ago in correspondence to your newspaper, which you published.

It really is time that the powers that be had the courage and decency to inform the taxpaying public what really is intended instead of making so-called promises which convince, to my mind anyway, no one.

What will be the reduction in the police precept we pay when the sale of the very expensive asset is sold, as we are currently paying extra this year to improve frontline policing? What a farce!