JUST read that the police station in Royd Ings Avenue is to be no more – Dismay at decision to shut police station site (Keighley News, August 17) – and was interested to read the comments about this state of affairs.

First of all, might I add my “pearls of wisdom” to this debate.

As I see it, because of the ‘electronic revolution’ of the early 21st century and more importantly the economic climate regarding the police, I understand the circumstances of the decision.

I do not think of the police as being as good as chocolate fire guards in this area. Far from it, I am pretty sure everyone would welcome the ‘thin blue line’ presence into the centre of Keighley, even if it is just a contact point!

Basically, this to me will be a positive step forward.

However, the criminal fraternity of this town will be clapping their hands with glee, etc, and some people will be congratulating Bradford on making Keighley the Wild West part of that metro.

Others might be saying “well, just another inspirational step along the road to making the town a centre of human sewage excellence”, or words to that effect!

I am sure the ‘boys in blue’ will be acutely aware of public concerns and will thus try to not let the people of Keighley down.Will they?