REGARDING the 60 years of Keighley Show – Show is preparing to celebrate milestone (Keighley News, August 24) – I feel that something should be said about the Harker family.

The late Edgar Harker was a founder member, at first assistant then full show manager for many years. He was also president in 1981.

His mother, Mary Harker, was the first handicraft section secretary and when she died Edgar’s wife, Jean, took over the section. She is now retired and has also served as president – and her daughters and granddaughters continue to keep the section going. Her daughter Katrina is president elect.

This is a huge section of the show and for one family to have cared for it, voluntarily, over the 60 years is worth recording.

Incidentally, I was not the first cattle section secretary. Jacqueline Fawcett looked after the cattle, sheep and pigs section for the first seven years before I took over and served 15 years. Our daughter Yvonne Wood then did it for 36 years and now helps our son William, the chairman. My husband Raymond, Edgar’s brother George Harker and Peter Sharp are the only founder members still alive.

Gladys and George Emmott have been showing animals since the first show and became members of the committee soon afterwards and have given welcome support for all the 60 years.

I hope this may interest someone.