I WOULD like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the understandable concerns from residents of Keighley and the surrounding area which have arisen following your article on the sale of Airedale House in Keighley.

Firstly, I would like to make it absolutely clear that West Yorkshire Police is not abandoning Keighley.

While the existing police station at Airedale House will eventually be sold as part of the force’s estates strategy, this will not happen until an appropriate replacement has been found in the town. The replacement will be a police station from which police officers, PCSOs and staff will work from 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The decision to sell Airedale House is both a practical and financial one to make sure that West Yorkshire Police has buildings which are fit for the challenges of modern day policing and offer value for money for the public.

Having buildings which are cost effective means more can be invested in the officers and staff actually doing the job of protecting the public.

I can reassure the residents of Keighley and surrounding towns and villages that the sale of one building and the replacement with another will not disrupt policing services.

I would also like to reassure local people that I am committed to doing all I can to strengthen the policing presence over the course of this financial year and beyond. I have already taken steps this year to increase Neighbourhood Policing officers across the whole district including Keighley, at a time when the force still needs to save money.

Keighley is as an important part of Bradford District as anywhere else. I, as well as the officers and staff that serve local people, remain committed to working hard with members of the public and our partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the town and across the wider district as a whole.


West Yorkshire Police