RE THE Keighley News story ‘Use green belt report urges’ (August 24).

Why is it so-called consultants and planners never ever think (what an awful word to use in a letter to an editor – my apologies) let alone learn from abroad?

Just think, Bondi Beach in Australia, a wow of a holiday resort, has behind its sands and sea a small amount of beach houses, but behind them is a row of 20-storey flats.

That would not happen in the UK. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s thatched cottage mentality outfit would cover greenbelt land the size of Bradford to do the job. Alas, it also happens in the Garden of England, Kent.

There, also no learning.

Yet 20 miles away the French have flats on the sea-shore and they also look OK. That is before you get to Singapore, China, USA, Middle East countries, Canada etc.

People in those places are more environmentally-conscious than Yorkshire people, as well as those in Kent and the rest of the UK.

On your letters page, there is one outstanding letter than ought to be brought to the attention of Councillor Brian Morris, as well as the mayor and all councillors – ‘Private power threat’, from Peter Clark.

Well, that is it. I’m down here 20 miles from France, which we can see easily, in Folkestone a relation of my cleaner lady came over from New York, USA, where he is six storeys up with 20 more above him, to view the town. When he had seen all he was taken around, he said: “My, what a village.”

He went back to his skyscraper flat knowing what a medieval country his sister was living in. They both came from European cities.

E PETTINGER Seaton Avenue, Hythe