PHILIP Davies is unwise to be complacent about his job as an MP.

I was a lifetime Conservative who voted for Mr Davies in 2015, principally because I always saw the Conservatives as the party of sound business and economics.

Mr Davies seems to want to lean very heavily on the will of the people when it suits him, for example in respect of Brexit, while happily filibustering legislation in Parliament to frustrate the progress of legislation that could bring real benefits to the less well off. This is not the act of a caring MP.

His performance at our local village hall was highly jingoistic with his assertions that immigration would mean a “new city like Newcastle” every year unless we voted for Brexit.

Of course we now know that the immigration figures were wrong, as was the pledge regarding the £350 million we could spend on the NHS as was the idea that we could easily leave the EU, pay nothing and still trade with it.

I suspect that history will have nothing but contempt for the current Conservative government and Mr Davies. I and many people I know including my family will not be supporting Mr Davies again.