HELLO there Mr Ackroyd, of far, far away land – Views ‘off this planet’ (Keighley News, October 12).

You should spend more time questioning Bradford’s planning department for demolishing Victorian buildings in Keighley, such as the old Keighley Boys’ Grammar School that was ‘up for sale’ for four years and subsequently demolished.

Also, where were your comments when they pulled down the former Greenhead Grammar and buildings in South Street, which had nothing wrong with them and would have stood for another 200 years with a couple of million invested in them?

If you are interested in making traffic flow better in Keighley, then I think it is appropriate the eyesore Victoria Hotel building should be demolished because all the back-up buildings surrounding it have been demolished, with the result it now stands out like a sore thumb.

So, please Mr Ackroyd, I am on your side, but I drive and live in Keighley.