THE recognition of Ian’s 25 year weekly feature ‘Memory Lane’ is richly deserved – Memory Lane columnist now making his own bit of history (Keighley News, October 12).

It has given me and countless other Keighley News readers a great deal of pleasure. As Ian has said, it has been a labour of love for him researching and compiling the articles, with help from contributors of photographs.

I would also like to add that Ian has reached a much wider audience than Keighley News readers by his extremely popular talks, which go back much further. I was privileged to be present at the very first talk, which Ian gave 60 years ago, almost to the day (I’m sure Ian will have a note of the date in an old diary), to a group at Oakworth Methodist Church, entitled ‘Old Keighley Characters’. The talk was such a success that other organisations wanted to hear him. Consequently, his fame spread rapidly, well outside Keighley and even beyond the county.

Even after 60 years, he is still in demand, speaking on a wide range of serious subjects but always with a humorous side. Long may his talks and ‘Memory Lane’ feature continue.

BRIAN LISTER Belmont Wharf, Skipton