GIVEN the recent national publicity regarding one school’s packed lunch policy – with teachers checking primary school children's lunchboxes to ensure they did not contain pies or sausage rolls – this prompted my [Conservative] group leader, Councillor Simon Cooke, to question the council leader on the subject.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe responded that "everyone deserves a treat in their diet – and even better if it's from one of our excellent independent traders", a response that, for once, I fully support.

Given all the ongoing service reduction issues to which my group is trying to hold Cllr Hinchcliffe and her Labour colleagues to account, this question is about parental choice and does underpin the fact that – along with many of our local food and drinks industry producers – our local butchers are winning national prizes for their quality products and deserve our support for their efforts. They should not be subject to this unwarranted discrimination.


Worth Valley ward