FIRSTLY, I would like to thank you for reporting about the terrible things that are happening in our very lovely village – Vigilante fears as gang of yobs runs amok (Keighley News, October 26).

However, I feel your story is focusing more on the vigilante ‘talk’ side of it rather than the mindless, violent thugs that are taking over this village.

I can say this because I live in Oakworth and I have absolutely nothing to do with the vigilante group (I’m not even on Facebook!).

Absolutely nothing is being done by the police and it’s fine for councillors Russell Brown and Luke Maunsell to condemn it, but what have they done? Nothing that’s been very proactive!

Cllr Maunsell describes the ‘thugs’ as thoughtless individuals! No, Mr Maunsell, they are violent, law-breaking thugs, with no regard to anyone’s safety!

The Friends of Oakworth Park work tirelessly to maintain the park but spend most of their time cleaning up after these thugs! Drugs, violence etc goes on and still the police do nothing!

I think maybe your article should have reflected more on the thugs and less on the vigilante ‘talk’.



l Editor's note: Last week's article featured extensive details of the actions of the thugs and how they had been threatening residents, with condemnation from all quarters of the community. Extensive quotes were also carried to this effect to balance the article.