WHY do we all suffer to the major energy companies and why don’t we take a leaf out of the Victorians’ book?

I’m talking hydro-electricity. We in this area should be looking at harnessing the water that runs into the rivers and becks.

All we have to do is make flutes (channels) to a turbine blade (paddle), which drives a turbine that produces electricity, which can be used or fed back into the grid to be shared by all.

Anyone who has been to Goose Eye will have noticed the beck that runs behind the mill. The water there runs 24/7, 12 months of the year. A chute could be constructed from beneath the bridge into which the water could be speeded up to drive a turbine blade.

A grid could be installed to stop flotsam going down and damaging the blade. Everyone in Goose Eye could benefit.

This could happen country-wide.