I LIVE in a nice, quiet residential street in Oakworth and have done so for the past 30 years, without too many problems.

However, six months ago I forgot to lock my car outside my house and, in the morning, found someone had stolen my sat nav.

Two months later, I was gazing out of an upstairs window when, looking down, I noticed all the lead had been stripped from my downstairs bay window roof.

Two other neighbours had also had their lead stolen, one of whom had discovered the culprits in the act at 3am!

Call me careless, if you like, but I again neglected to lock my car and, sure enough, the criminal nightshift had started their job of trying door handles, and this time someone had stolen some golf clothing.

I reported the lead theft at the time and was given a crime number for insurance purposes, but what I want to know is what have the police done about it? I can’t remember the last time I saw a patrol car, let alone a policeman, on foot during the day, but what about at night?

Since there are obviously individuals or gangs roaming the streets of Oakworth and surrounding neighbourhoods, why don’t the police organise a rota of patrols to drive around the area between, say, 1am and 5am, and stop and question anyone walking around at that time, especially if they have rolls of lead under their arms or other goods in their possession, for which they have no adequate explanation?

It’s getting to the stage of ‘every man for himself’ out there and all we’d like to see is a sign the police care and are taking positive steps to actually apprehend some of the thieves and vagabonds who are roaming our streets at night.