DEAR, oh dear, Mr Balmforth.

I wonder whether you read anybody else’s letters to the Keighley News other than your own?

You clearly have not read any of mine during the past three years or so, except for the one that points out the silliness of your proposal to demolish the Victoria Hall at the foot of Cavendish Street and replace it with a traffic-easing roundabout, which you suggest could be called the Victoria Hotel roundabout, as if to commemorate it.

If you had read some of my letters to the Keighley News, you would know my main concern is to raise public awareness of the irrevocable damage done to a place – in this case Keighley – by removing any of its buildings, especially Victorian and Edwardian examples. Quite simply, they could never be replaced.

If you had read my letters you would know the Keighley News has been good enough to print at least six of them specifically on the issues relating to the demolition of the Boys’ Grammar School, a blatant act of civic vandalism.

So, why does Mr Balmforth rebuke me for not doing what I clearly have done? Might I suggest an alternative name for his roundabout: The Malcolm Balmforth roundabout (it takes you nowhere, but it gets you there faster). Round and round about, in ever-decreasing circles.

CHRISTOPHER ACKROYD Bethel Street, East Morton