AFTER reading reports and letters in the paper about our local railway station, I feel I must add my comments.

In the 1960s, The Beeching report came out, closing many railway stations throughout the country. My parents signed a protest about the closing of Kildwick/Cross Hills station but, of course, it was ignored.

As there is now talk of reopening a station at Kildwick and the large amount of money it will cost, I was wondering why it has to be a new station. What is wrong with the old one?

I walk past it regularly but, as it is so overgrown, I cannot see what needs to be done to the actual structure of the platforms, which I presume are still there.

With the addition of a shelter on each platform, I would have thought this could be done at a reasonable cost using the old goods yard as a car park.

J STEWART CARDWELL Elmfield Road, Cross Hills