Concerned about safety of wagons

The latest occurrence of repeated discharges of liquified, rotting pieces of animal raises concerns about the general safety of these “smelly wagons”.

Some years ago there was a similar incident in which the decaying slurry covered the cab of the vehicle as well as the road. Your report suggests that this accident followed a similar pattern. How could this happen? The most likely explanation is that the driver performed an emergency stop. Can we therefore assume that these lorries, loaded as they are, are always incapable of carrying out this essential manoeuvre? We can certainly conclude that, mindful of the volatility of their load, drivers would obviously be deterred from effective use of their breaks to avoid plastering the tarmac with putrefying waste.

In addition to any charges of failing to use a leak-proof container, should we also consider an accusation of carrying an unsafe load and operation of unroadworthy vehicles?

George Speller

Hill Top Road, Keighley

Bradford could not care less for treasure

The mere suggestion that Keighley and the Worth Valley may get a better deal from Calderdale, if the opportunity ever came to the fore, has bought me some criticism, however, I think your story, End of era as 40s festival cancelled, sums up my point.

You have often made comment regarding the efforts made by people in this area to make life better for its residents, Pam Howarth and Linda Presley, in Haworth, are a classic example, but try to get support from Bradford Council, don’t bother, they are not interested.

Bradford could not care less about this treasure. Build, build and more building of executive housing for the Leeds commuters, is one example, tradition and tourism matter not.

How long before the Main Street and its famous buildings are just surrounded by little brick boxes. Its ambiance and history gone for ever, for the benefit of that decaying city ten miles down the road.

R P Beale

Ridgemount Road, Riddlesden

Society organises trips to battlefields

Each year the Lancs and Yorks Historical Society organises pilgrimages to the battlefields of the First World War.

The tours are in August and September covering France and Belgium. This year we plan to visit the Somme battlefields and the Ypres Salient. We can also visit the battlefields at Arras, Vimy Ridge and Loos if these are requested.

Anyone who requires further information should write to me or call 01977 734614. A medium sized stamped-addressed envelope would be appreciated.

John Battye

32 Rhodes Street, Hightown, Castleford WF10 5LL

Thanks to town council for grit bins

I would just like to thank, through the pages of your newspaper, Keighley Town Council, which has just replaced a grit bin which Bradford Council inexplicably removed from outside the elderly people’s flats on Windsor Crescent. It is hard enough to get about in adverse conditions when young but it gets harder as you get older and we can be housebound even if it is just heavy frost, never mind snow.

It will make a big difference to getting out and about for a lot of people.

A Maddocks

Windsor Crescent, Oakworth

Try out this bus service

Some time ago the Skipton-Grassington bus service was threatened by withdrawal by North Yorkshire County Council cuts.

As many people will know this service was saved by a ground-breaking partnership between Transdev and Dalesbus campaigners. Connections from Keighley are available by bus and train. The service is operated using leather seated double deckers which allow stunning views of the scenery along route.

I urge people to try out the service for a trip to Grassington’s many attractions or to link into Dalesbus connections in Grassington.

Details of the service and connections can be found on the Dalesbus website

Ray Wilkes

Tower Road, Shipley

Sign this scrap metal petition

Homes, churches, schools and businesses in the county are all suffering increasing levels of metal theft, with lead roofs, copper piping and electronic cabling all considered fair game. Even manhole and gully covers have been disappearing from our roads, costing the taxpayer hundreds of pounds for each replacement.

Metal is a tempting target, not just because it is worth so much, but because it is so easily converted to cash.

We have been lobbying the Government to amend the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 so all scrap metal dealers are licensed, cash sales of scrap metal are prohibited and enforcement powers and penalties are enhanced so metal thieves face the full consequences of their crimes.

I would encourage anyone actually, or potentially, affected by metal theft to write to their MPs, asking them to support MP Graham Jones in his Metal Theft Prevention Bill.

Charles Forbes Adam

Chairman, Country Landowners Association Yorkshire