How will a city-based mayor help this area?

A recent BBC poll shows that although there will be a referendum on whether to have an elected mayor, almost 70 per cent of those asked did not know it was happening, and even more worryingly, only eight per cent felt they had enough information to make a decision.

This referendum will take place at the same time as the local elections in May and is extremely important to the people of Craven.

A Bradford-based mayor will have control over decisions affecting the whole of the district. While this may make sense in some places, such as London and Doncaster, it is not clear it is at all desirable for Craven.

Without proper information, we are in danger of voting for a system which will be dominated by issues in the centre of Bradford which an elected mayor will see from their window in City Hall each day, without the benefit of a full and frank debate on competing issues affecting other areas of the district which are “out of sight and out of mind”.

I believe the crucial question to ask is how a Bradford-based elected mayor will benefit the people of Craven who are at the other end of the district.

Being asked to vote on this issue now is like being asked to buy a used car without seeing the service history and having a test drive.

This is change for change sake. I urge people to make a decision on a fullyinformed basis and if they feel they don’t have the information yet, then make their views known and don’t accept a rushed decision which isn’t in Craven’s best interests.”


Craven Ward

Fuming over Council policy on shisha bars

A few weeks ago I contacted a newspaper regarding the decision of Bradford Council to license yet another shisha bar.

I pointed out it is illegal, on health grounds, to smoke in the work place. I questioned whether the licensing of shisha bars was an indication Bradford Council considers the health of those who frequent these premises less important than the health of everyone else.

While it may be argued these bars have a through draught it is negated by the fact one may not smoke while standing at certain bus stops, which also have a through draught.

Given recent studies conclude that twoan- hour of shisha use is the equivalent of smoking 100 cigarettes, it would appear the answer to my question,is that BMDC does indeed consider the health of shisha bar users to be of little importance.


Woodhouse Road, Keighley

Store plan could have ‘dire’ consequences

The front page story last week – ‘Tesco is boost for the town’ – reported that local councillors welcomed the news Tesco was planning to open a supermarket in Silsden.

Elected members, all over the country, are easily bamboozled by exaggerated claims of employment prospects presented by supermarkets.

If the proposal goes ahead, given time, it will solve the parking problems in the centre of the ‘town’. Silsden’s newsagents, butchers, bakers and offlicences will end up closing. Even the Co-op could be in danger.

As for the green field opposite Habasit Rossi’s premises, where that business wishes to relocate. Residents successfully campaigned against a Bradford Council recycling plant being built on the site. One of the arguments put forward to oppose that plan was the field was in danger of flooding in heavy rain.

Keighley Road should be thoroughly upgraded before any superstore is built.


Windsor Avenue, Silsden

Councillor really ought to be a local person

I was pleased to hear Silsden will get the chance to elect a local hardworking councillor in May.

Councillor Naylor has served Silsden well for the last six years, getting a new boiler for the town hall and refurbishing the two grounbd floor rooms. Recently he managed to stop a waste plant being built in Silsden.

This is what we want from our councillors, hard work and results. What we don’t need is someone who doesn’t live or work here. Anyone who thinks Silsden is a safe seat should think again. We want a local person who understands what we want and then delivers, not someone who only wants a seat they think they don’t have to do much work in!