LOCAL bands are joining the Musicians Against Homelessness campaign to raise money for the homeless charity Crisis.

Up In Smoke, Anton and the Colts (Anton solo), Beltur and Little Songbird will play a fundraising gig at Lyrics Bridgegate Square on September 9.

The event was organised by Colin Bilby, a well-known local radio presenter and music promoter.

Alan McGee, who is organising the campaign nationally and manages The Happy Mondays and previously Oasis, said: “I am delighted that bands of this calibre want to be part of this campaign.

“The support in Irvine has been tremendous and inspiring and it’s fantastic that these quality bands and artists have come forward

“Although our primary concern is to combat the scourge of homelessness it is vital that the MAH gigs also give up-and-coming combos a chance to play to larger audiences.”

“Last year the response was incredible but more people know about us now.

“We are getting people talking and taking action on homelessness in the best way we know how, through music and community.

“The homeless situation in the UK is sickening and shocking but there is a growing awareness of the desperation people at the bottom have to endure, thanks to the musicians who back us.

“The safety nets people have relied on are slowly and consistently being taken away.

Visit facebook.com/mahgigs for further information.