SHOCK film of two youths brazenly rooting inside an unlocked car in Oakworth has been released on Facebook.

Villager Paul Young uploaded the footage after discovering the young men had searched his wife’s car in the early hours last week.

The film, shot by a neighbour’s CCTV camera, shows the youths walk up to the car, look around, then open the boot and the driver’s door to have a look around.

Mr Young, of Sunhurst Drive, said the incident was the fourth in recent months at his house in Sunhurst Drive, with previous attackers breaking into a car, raiding his garage, and breaking into the house to take a key and drive off with his car.

The last burglary prompted Mr Young’s next-door neighbours to install a CCTV camera, which at 12.47am on October 4 caught the latest unwanted visitors to Mr Young's semi-detached house.

The film has been passed to police, who this week confirmed they were seeking suspects for an offence of vehicle interference.

Mr Young said: “The first time my wife’s car was broken into, an iPod and CDs were taken. This time, she didn’t have anything in the car so they took nothing.

“The house was burgled on August 4 and someone stole the car keys and a laptop, then stole my car.”

Mr Young reported all four incidents to police.

Fellow Oakworth residents who viewed the film on Facebook claim the October 4 incident was just one of several involving youngsters roaming Oakworth housing estates during the night hours in recent weeks.

Alleged incidents highlighted this week include pushbikes stolen from a locked garage, items taken out of a shed, teenagers checking through car windows, running through gardens checking doors, and a car and van broken into.

Other Facebook users report that youngsters hiding in Holden Park are regularly throwing stones at vehicles passing on the main road through Oakworth.

Some of the some of the Facebook users admit they have not reported incidents – including thefts – to police.

District councillor Rebecca Poulsen, whose Worth Valley ward includes Oakworth, urged people to report all incidents to the police rather than just mentioning them on Facebook.

She said: “If the police don’t have proper reports, they can’t put resources where they’re needed. They need to know what sorts of crimes have been committed.

“The Worth Valley is probably one of the safest wards across Bradford, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to crime.

“We suffer a lot of rural crime. There’s also anti-social behaviour, but we’re trying to work on that with the police.”

Anyone who can help trace the suspects in the October 4 incident at Mr Young’s house should call the police Area Neighbourhood Team on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.