BRITISH songstress Mahalia will play Headrow House in Leeds on Saturday October 28 after releasing new single Hold On featuring Compton rapper Buddy.

The track is described as a rich slice of R&B and pop-flecked jam, sprinkled with originality and pushed into the present day.

Mahalia set out to encompass the classic sounds of the past while refusing to be hemmed in by one particular genre, holding the sound together with open-hearted lyricism.

Mahalia released her debut single Sober back in July, amassing two million streams, a far cry from five years ago when, at the age of 12, she picked up the guitar and began writing love songs.

A spokesman said: “With her entrancing, soulful tones, wise yet relatable wordplay and intuitive sense of melody, it quickly became clear that she had a natural sense of musicality.”