CHILLING stories of glass-coffins and phantom girls will be revealed in a ghost walk this Halloween.

Celebrated local historian and tour guide Malcolm Hanson will lead the event to celebrate his 15th year as the Skipton ghost walker.

Malcolm is an expert in the paranormal past after writing spooky books about the most gruesome episodes from Keighley and Skipton’s yesteryears. He has carried out many history projects with Keighley schools , as well as serving as Keighley Festival chairman for several years.

This year’s Halloween walk, on Tuesday October 31, will be a ‘greatest hits’ from the previous 14 years. Malcolm said: “This year I am resurrecting some of the very best stories I have told, plus one or two brand-new ghosts that I have investigated.”

Among the stories will be the macabre tale of the glass-coffined boy. Malcolm said: “This strangest of stories was told to me by a former canon who took me to see the boy’s sarcophagus at Christchurch.

“The boy lies alone in the crypt, away from prying eyes, and from those who were frightened by the sight of him in his glass casket.”

Other subjects covered will be crime and punishment, including a visit to the site of the town’s gallows and ducking stool. Malcolm added: “In times of crisis – such as the Civil Wars – the gallows were well-used, while the ducking stool was always popular among the men folk.

“New ghosts include a little girl, photographed at Skipton Castle in 2014. The story didn’t surface until last year, but having studied the photograph I can certainly throw light on just who – or what – she is.”

The Sound Bar, on Swadford Street, will host a Halloween party on Tuesday evening to complement the walk.

Malcolm added: “They will open early so people can fortify themselves for the horrors that will surely come!”

Tickets for the walk and party cost £6 from the Sound Bar or by calling Malcolm on 01756 798730.