The great British bun

Yield 12 buns


100g/4oz unsalted butter, room temperature

100g/4oz caster sugar

100g/4oz self-raising flour, sieved

2 eggs, beaten

A little milk might be needed depending on the size of your eggs .


50g/2oz soften unsalted butter

75g/3oz icing sugar

Place the soften butter in a bowl and sift over the icing sugar. Beat until smooth.


1. Place 12 bun cases into a bun or muffin tray.

2. Preheat the oven 180c/gas mark 4.

3. Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk or beat well with an electric whisk or wooden spoon until you have no lumps and the mixture is smooth, creamy and light without any sugar granules – it’s that easy!

4. Divide the mixture using a tablespoonful into your 12 bun cases.

5. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until your buns are well risen, golden brown and firm to touch.

6. Transfer your buns onto a cooling wire and leave to cool. Decorate as you prefer.

Baker Mike's top bun tips

* Granulated sugar can be used if you don't have any caster sugar, you will have a slightly less light texture.

* If you don't have any self-raising, simply add one teaspoon of baking powder to 100g/4oz of plain flour.

* Don't open the oven door once your buns are baking, or this will cause the buns to sink.

* To make chocolate buns, simply use 25g/1oz cocoa powder and 75g/3oz flour.

* Free range eggs and Fair Trade cocoa powder will make the difference to the flavour of your buns.

* Store your buns in an airtight tin or container. Best eaten within a few days.