This week’s article comes direct from Amici’s head chef and part-owner, Luciano Vespucci (pictured, right).

Hello, Keighley News readers. This recipe is one I personally created. It’s a very easy recipe using simple ingredients and herbs that are available all-year round.

I use salmon here, but it also goes very well with other fish like sea bass or sea bream.

I’m from Sardinia, which is an island off the coast of Italy, and we have a lot of different fish recipes. Most are traditional recipes that have been practiced by many generations.

Being a chef, I like to take these flavours and ingredients and mix them up, creating different combinations and tastes.

This is probably due to the fact I’m from a small fishing village, and the fish there are line-caught, so you never know what is going to be available at the market when the ships come in. I had to adapt and elaborate the flavours to suit the fish.

This recipe is explained in an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, with easy-to-prepare ingredients, and it doesn’t take much time to cook.

Salmon is quite a delicate fish, and you don’t need to overpower it with strong herbs. In Italy, we have a saying – less but nice.

To accompany this dish, I suggest a nice fresh salad, sauteed spinach with butter and a touch of garlic or some vegetables, like French broad beans, and crostini bread.

Crostini is simply toasted bread. Get some ciabatta, slice it open, sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake in the oven until toasted... delicious!

If you have any problems or want any suggestions, please do come and see me at Amici and I will gladly help you. Enjoy this dish and keep in touch. Ciao.



Salmone Del Pescatore
250g fresh de-boned salmon fillet (per person)
½ leek finely chopped
2 shallots
30g butter
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
½ lemon zest
100ml white wine
½ bonnet cherry tomatoes or four fresh tomatoes finely chopped
2 chopped spring onions
1 crushed garlic clove
Freshly chopped dill or chives
Optional – crostini bread
1. Pre heat the oven to 250°C
2. Wash the salmon fillet and make a few cuts length-ways on the fleshy side of the fish. Make sure you don’t cut the fish completely. This is to allow the flavours of the sauce to penetrate deep into the fish
3. In an oven-proof pan, melt the butter and add the salmon skin-side down, add a pinch of salt and pepper and place in the oven for 25 minutes
4. In another saucepan, add a splash of olive oil, the leeks, the zest of half a lemon, the spring onions and the garlic
5. Stir-fry this on a medium heat until golden but be careful not to burn it (when the sauce is ready you can take it off the heat until the salmon is cooked)
6. When the salmon is ready, add this to the saucepan, add the tomatoes and the white wine
7. Cook this for about five to ten minutes until the sauce reduces
8. Sprinkle with the dill or chives and serve with a side order of your choice