Spaghetti Mare e Monti

Spaghetti with king prawns and mushrooms

This recipe is for two people, to make it for more people multiply the ingredients accordingly


• With the porcini mushrooms having being soaked for 30 minutes already, we need to drain them with a sieve keeping the water they have been soaked in. This will be used later to add extra flavour to the sauce.

• We then need to chop the porcini mushrooms to be used later.

• Put a sauce pan of water on to boil for the spaghetti, adding a few pinches of salt. When this is boiling add around 80-100g spaghetti per person to the water and simmer.

• Now for the sauce, get a large frying pan and heat the olive oil.

• Add the champignon mushrooms, the chopped up porcini mushrooms, the garlic, the salt and a pinch or two of the pepper and stir fry for about five minutes, until the mushrooms are golden in colour.

• At this stage we want to pour the water from the porcini mushrooms into the frying pan and simmer until the liquid has been reduced to a glaze.

• Add the chopped tomatoes and white wine to the frying pan and simmer for a further five to eight minutes until the sauce has reduced further and the tomatoes are cooked.

• At this stage we want to add the shrimp/king prawns and cook for another three to five minutes.

• The spaghetti should be ready and cooked by this point, so drain the water off and add it to the frying pan giving it a good stir ensuring all the pasta is coated in the sauce and serve straight away.

• Enjoy with some crusty bread and white wine (if you have any left)

• Buon Appetito