Ingredients - this is enough to serve four people

• 12 mussels - cleaned and de-bearded

• 12 clams

• 12 king prawns

• 12 scallops

• 2 cloves worth of chopped garlic

• 3 chopped shallots

• 12 halved cherry tomatoes

• Fresh chopped parsley

• 1 fresh chopped red chilli

• 1 bottle of white wine - some of this is for you to drink of course!

• 400g Linguine

• Olive oil

• Salt & pepper


• Set a large pan of water to boil for the linguine and add some salt, when the water is boiling it is time to add the linguine

• Whilst the pasta is cooking we can get on with preparing the sauce

• In a large sauce pan, add the oil, garlic, chilli and shallots, cook until soft, which usually takes about a minute

• Add all the seafood to the pan (discard any shells that have been broken), cover and simmer this mixture over a medium heat for about five minutes, then discard any shells that have not opened after this time

• Add a nice splash of white wine, most of the parsley and cherry tomatoes and cook for a further 3-4 minutes

• This is the perfect time to pour yourself a large glass of the left over wine and sit back and admire your work!

• When the pasta is cooked, drain it and add it to the saucepan

• Stir together carefully and cook for a further minute adding some black pepper to taste, don’t add any salt at this point as the sauce should already be slightly salty from the fish

• Serve and sprinkle the rest of the parsley for garnish

Enjoy the finest Italian cuisine straight from your kitchen. Buon Appetito.