Baccalà alla Vesuviana


800g salted cod

2tbs capers

7tbs extra-virgin olive oil

1 onion, diced

1 tin of tomatoes

1 clove garlic

180ml dry white wine

5g parsley, chopped

5g mint, chopped



Preparing the baccalà

1. Two days prior to cooking, begin soaking your salted cod in fresh water and leave for 48 hours.

2. Start by washing the cod thoroughly to eliminate all traces of salt before cutting into large pieces and submerging in water.

3. Leave to soak, ideally changing the water three times a day.

4. Before cooking, peel off the skin and make sure that all of the bones are removed from the cod – a pair of small pliers is the best tool for the job.

Cooking the baccalà

1. Drain and rinse your capers, patting them dry. Then, drain your salted cod and gently pat dry.

2. Take a pan and heat 3tbs of olive oil on a moderate heat.

3. Chop up your onion and sauté in the pan until it is soft and golden in colour.

4. Chop your clove of garlic by squashing it with the flat side of the knife, pressing down on it with your hand until you feel it crack. Peel the skin from the garlic with your hands before chopping it horizontally and then vertically until it is in very small pieces. Then add to the pan.

5. Add the capers to the pan.

6. Add the tin of tomatoes to the pan along with the 180ml of white wine and bring to the boil, before reducing the heat and leaving to simmer for twenty minutes.

7. Add the baccalà to the pan and simmer gently for twenty-five minutes, carefully turning the fish while cooking. Stir in the remainder of the olive oil.

8. When the baccalà is cooked, sprinkle with the chopped mint and the chopped parsley. Add salt to taste. Baccalà can be served while hot or at room temperature.