The Progress Class are off on a day trip and madness and mayhem will follow everywhere they go!

They've never been beyond their hometown let alone seen the exotic attractions of coast and countryside.

Mrs Kay insists her class of lovable rascals will behave when they visit the zoo, the castle and the beach.

But Mr Briggs reckons these ruffians are likely to run wild and bring his beloved school into disrepute.

What happens next is portrayed in Willy Russell's exuberant and irreverent musical Our Day Out.

Keighley youth theatre KYDZ will present the show at Oakworth Methodist Church on March 1 to 3.

Around 20 youngsters aged 10 to 17 will play the students, the teachers and the people they annoy along the way.

Our Day Out began in the 1970s as an acclaimed TV drama about working-class children from Liverpool on a coach trip.

Willy Russell wrote it before he became famous for plays like Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine and the hit musical Blood Brothers.

He adapted Our Day Out for the stage in the early 1980s and added catchy and emotional songs reminiscent of those in Blood Brothers.

The play is regularly studied by students of secondary schools in Keighley.

KYDZ chose to present Our Day Out after performing several original musical shows such as Flying the Flag and Getting Out.

The group has been based in Oakworth for several years and performs at least two productions each year.

KYDZ will recruit new members - aged from 10 to 15 - in early March immediately after finishing Our Day Out.

Members will be chosen through two evenings of workshops involving drama games and improvisation.

Half a dozen youngsters will be invited to join the existing cast for the KYDZ summer show Drama Queens.

The comedy-drama will focus on the rivalry between two groups, Drama Kids and Young Starz, during filming of a historical epic.

* Our Day Out Is at Oakworth Methodist Church on March 1-3 from 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5 adults, £4 for concessions, and £4 per ticket for groups, from 07768 964110 or

Anyone wishing their child to attend the workshops should contact the same number or address.