From the opening song Bring Me Sunshine, the audience were transported into a magical world of thrills, side-splitting laughter, amazing aerial stunts, melodious song tempered with clap-your-hands and stamp-your-feet lung-bursters, atmospheric lighting effects and expertly-timed pyrotechnics.

I counted 53 young people in this fantastic show and without exception their joy, enthusiasm, energy and quality of performance brought a warm glow to the hearts of the entire audience. Madeleine Lloyd (Wicked Queen) was a star in the making -- natural talent, confident, expressive and an ability to ad-lib in response to hisses and boos.

Ciara Fleming (Grouchy) demonstrated real attitude, and poor Lydia Spencer (Bleshu) was so believable.

William Jarman brought the entire audience to its feet for his solo song when his personal microphone broke and he had to belt it out. Chloe Judge (Snow White) and Laura McGee (Prince John) were fantastic.

The late Allan Clough, one of the original founders of the Youth Theatre, would have been proud to bursting of his young people.

Stephen Place