Haworth West Lane Baptist Amateur Operatic Society, 28 of them, some quite young, were on fine form at the Chapel with their show last Friday and Saturday.

Ably and imaginatively produced by Michael Lofthouse and musically directed by Pamela Dimbleby, the whole show pivoted on the solid piano accompaniment from Anne Mott. There were a lot of humourous sketches, solo and ensemble songs from the 1940s. All the soloists gave excellent performances, whether in words or song.

Many popular wartime songs were sung - with a lot of audience participation. The result was a superbly entertaining evening for young and old. I was just as enthralled as my young grandchildren.

An impressive and powerfully emotional chorus, The Stars Will Remember was dedicated to the memory of two society members, Stan Ingham and Paul McAndrew, who died recently, plus the many British troops we have lost in Afghanistan. This performance, gives us confidence that this society will have all the talent necessary to give great performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado from November 12 to 17.

Jens Hislop