BINGLEY Little Theatre will open its 70th season this month with comedy thriller Theft.

The emphasis is on comedy in Eric Chappell’s play, with sharp and funny dialogue as a thief tries to talk himself out of capture.

Theft, which sees the ruin of two seemingly happy marriages and one formerly strong friendship, runs from September 18 to 23 at 7.30pm.

Stone Cold Murder is a thriller by James Cawood, on October 23-28, which focuses on newlyweds who have bought a small hotel in the Lake District.

A hiker arrives seeking shelter from the snow storm outside, and soon a desperate fight for survival begins.

The classic comedy Hobson’s Choice, by Harold Brighouse, will be staged from December 4-9 and concerns the youngest daughters of a curmudgeonly bootmaker who are anxious to marry.

They must wait until the eldest daughter Maggie finds a “suitable” suitor, but she has other ideas that include freedom from my father’s tyranny, a business and a husband of her own choice.

Eric Chappell’s thriller Dead Reckoning is on January 22-27, with a man offering to kill the murderer of another man’s wife.

Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall’s comedy Billy Liar, about a daydreaming teenager in a North Country town, can be seen from February 26 to March 3.

Brewster’s Millions, from March 22-24, is described as a comedy adventure about a man forced to spend £1 million within three months.

John Godber’s comedy play Bouncers, about four men at the doors of a nightclub, runs from April 9-14.

Visit or call 01274 567983 to book tickets for any of the plays.