Keighley's Anne-Marie Hurst band had mixed fortunes on the road this month – and ended up in the Doghouse!

Roger 'Trotwood' Nowell, one of the musicians with goth icon Anne-Marie, described the mini-tour as “interesting”.

He said: “York was good. Birmingham we had to cancel as our drummer, Ian, had a bad leg and the bus broke down again.

“We went to Nottingham where we were supported by These Skies whose lead singer is a born-again Christian ex-porn star.

“There was a mix-up at the hotel so the girl on reception didn't know what rooms were free.

“Anne Marie went into her room only to walk in on someone asleep in bed, had they woke up they would have had a bit of a shock.”

The four-night tour ended with a performance in front of 400 fans at Dingwalls in London.

Trotwood and Anne-Marie, along with fellow band members Stan Greenwood, Rob Caswell and Owen Richards, are no strangers to tour adventures.

Last year they performed in Belgium, Spain, Finland and Germany, and next month are scheduled to play in Milan.

Trotwood, Anne-Marie and Stan Greenwood were together in the 1980s with Skeletal Family. The mini-tour was in support of Anne-Marie Hurst's recently-released album Day Of All Days, which was recorded at Paul Weller's studio in Surrey. Trotwood is Weller's guitar technician, and Weller plays keyboards and piano on two tracks – Your Eyes and Dreamy Days.

Trotwood likes to think of Day Of All Days as a rock album, rather than as a goth album.

He said: “I just like to be thought of as a modern rock 'n' roll band. Looking at the reaction of the audiences with new songs, people all seem to know them.”

Anne-Marie Hurst will play Minehead on April 28 with 70s legends The Damned, following a warm-up gig the previous night at Keighley's Exchange Arts Centre.

Trotwood was impressed with the soon-to-be-opened Exchange – part of the Keighley Musicians Centre complex on Russell Street.

Trotwood said: “Hopefully it will get the support it deserves.”

Support for the Keighley gig will be from Radio Pravada.

Trotwood added: “We are keeping prices down as we want to get some younger fans in.”

Day Of All Days is available from Jungle Records and at