THE Black Dyke Band – one of the world’s oldest and best-known brass bands – will return to perform in Skipton in October.

Black Dyke joined a select group of the best-known rock and roll bands in the world when they took to the Pyramid Stage at the iconic Glastonbury Festival in June.

It was another remarkable first for the band to add to a list of concert venues around the world that has varied between Carnegie Hall in New York and the Sydney Opera House.

The band will perform a variety of music in a charity concert at Skipton Town Hall on October 26.

A spokesman for the Rotary Club of Skipton said the concert will be Black Dyke’s third visit to the town.

Tickets are available from Carling Jones estate agents in High Street, Skipton.

All profits from the event will go towards supporting Rotary charities.

The Black Dyke Band’s origins lie in 1816 when Peter Wharton founded a brass and reed band in the Yorkshire village of Queenshead – later to become Queensbury.

Later, with new instruments from Manchester, village musicians came together as the Black Dyke Mills Band.