FESTIVALGOERS at Bingley Music Live are being advised to go early and think carefully about what they take with them.

Bradford Council, which runs the festival from September 1 to 3, is carrying out tighter security checks this year in the light of recent incidents in the UK and abroad.

A spokesman said: “Security checks this year will be more thorough and will take more time, so festival-goers are asked to arrive early and be patient.

“But, the fewer items people bring with them, the quicker they will get through the gates, as there will be fast track lanes for those who travel light.

“For those who do bring bags, these should be no more than 30cm x 42cm (around A3 size) and labelled with their name and number. Bags larger than this will not be allowed into the event.

“People should expect security searches on themselves and anything they bring on entry and exit and for any items which are seen as a risk to the event to be confiscated.

“People are allowed to bring seats or chairs, but will have to queue for longer in the search lanes and are warned that, because audiences will be at full capacity this year, their view could be blocked by those standing.”

Visit bingleymusiclive.com/festival-info/do-not-bring for a full list of prohibited items. These include glass bottles, umbrellas, parasols, tents and gazebos, barbecues and alcohol.

Only non-alcoholic drinks in 500ml plastic containers with unbroken seals and baby food in plastic containers are allowed.