HEBDEN Bridge hosts one of the first gigs by folk duo O’Hooley & Tidow during a tour to brighten up the cold months of the year.

Belinda and Heidi will play songs from their latest album, WinterFolk, a collection of original, contemporary and traditional winter songs.

The album reflects on some of the darker hued aspects of yuletide, considering the season in an alternative, real way, from the absence or loss of children, to domestic violence at Christmas, from global warming to poverty, religion, displacement, migration and loneliness.

A spokesman said: “Together with an invitation to indulge in some of the gorgeousness of winter, by the fireside, a favourite record playing, glass in hand, it could also be described as ‘The Introvert’s Guide to Christmas’.

“Belinda and Heidi have recomposed some of their own winter songs from early albums Silent June and The Fragile, into mature, poignant and considered interpretations.

The gig will be at Wadsworth Community Centre, on the Oxenhope side of Hebden Bridge, on December 2.