THE HAWORTH-based Demon Barbers will present their all-singing, all-dancing version of Christmas Carol at Barnsley Civic on December 1.

The folk band is touring the spin-off from its Lock In song and dance show for a second Christmas season following the success of last year’s debut.The show is described as half gig, half dance show and half panto, as the BBC Folk Award-winning team of musicians and dancers take the stage.

A spokesman said: “It’s Christmas Eve and the regulars of The Olde Fighting Cocks are excited about the night ahead, it’s going to be the Folk & Hip Hop dance party of the year.

“To their dismay the landlady, Jasmineezer Scrooge, has more profitable ambitions and is preparing to launch her new business, the ‘Oompah Techno Bar’!Cheap alco-pops, luminous lighting and mind-numbing bass beats are all in danger of alienating the local community and ruining Christmas. Fortunately, some insightful souls are at hand to lead her back to her senses.”

The Independent branded the show a full-on performance of blazing energy and joyous ingenuity.

Visit or call 01226 327000 to book tickets.