Airedale Symphony Orchestra – Fallfest in Glusburn

FALLFEST patron Clare Teal’s outstanding 2015 performance was a hard act to follow.

But the festival’s choice for the 2016 main musical event was spot-on with a stunning performance delivered by the Airedale Symphony Orchestra to a well-attended house.

Filmharmonic delivered a string of well-known film scores including Pirates of the Caribbean, West Side Story, Dambusters and my particular favourite; James Bond.

The acoustics of the Glusburn Institute main hall enabled the perfect musical experience.

Royal Opera House guest mezzosoprano Kathleen Wilkinson sang without a microphone. The vocal goddess filled the auditorium with her powerful vocal ability!

Kathleen performed Somewhere from West Side Story with incredibly beautiful emotional expression receiving an extended rapturous applause.

A large screen by the stage tastefully displayed footage from each of the films in the set. A very nice touch indeed!

Conductor John Anderson delighted the audience with his gentle personality and charm and was indeed the perfect host. John shared stories of many adventures relating to the Airedale Symphony Orchestra’s worldwide travels.

Despite the orchestra only having half of its normal 90-strong participants the performance was truly incredible. Their timing was precise, their focus supreme and delivery was vibrant. I did not spot a single misplayed note or missed prompt.

The music took us through pristine arrangements including soft introductions, suspenseful build-ups and dramatic crescendos. Two and a half hours flew by. Forgetting the clock is always a great indicator of true entertainment!

The £18 I paid for my ticket was money well spent if not a complete bargain.

Sponsors Urban Fox Lingerie at Cross Hills must be very delighted! No wonder local businesses are queueing up to sponsor this valued local festival.

Basil Simon