The Vicar Of Dibley – Sutton’s Green Hut Theatre Company

THIS PLAY adapted from the original TV series by Joyce Branagh was a great choice of production.

As members of the audience we were all members of the congregation of St Barnabas, and we were supplied with Orders of Service (programmes) on arrival at ‘church’.

Alison Waters was confident and impressive in the huge role of the Vicar, Geraldine, managing to portray the enthusiasm, warmth, self indulgence, comedy and frivolity of the character superbly.

David Knights took the role of the grumpy council chairman, David, and the audience were certainly on Geraldine’s side when David was trying to get rid of her – the volume of “boos and hisses” made it quite clear.

James Jennings played the love-struck Hugo who was infatuated with gullible and lovable Alice played by Cassie Fonth. I loved the wedding of Alice and Hugo it was beautifully set with the Vicar on the stage and the wedding party on the floor of the auditorium.

Jim (he of no, no, no, yes fame!) was played by Alan Senior. His “best man speech” was hilarious and well-delivered. The part of pedantic council clerk Frank Pickle was convincingly played by Philip Boocock.

Vincent Rolfe, as Owen, had great comic timing and managed to both repel and amuse with his cheeky behaviour. Doreen Smith played Mrs Cropley.

With 42 scene changes throughout the piece, my congratulations go to stage manager Bryan Blackie and his team, who did absolutely sterling work to change the set as quickly as they did.

Many congratulations to Philip Smith as director, to the terrific cast and everyone involved in this excellent production. It certainly gets a ‘No, no, no...YES’ from me!

Sally Holmes, rep for the National Operatic and Dramatic Association