Young superheroes, chocolatiers and thieves feature in new paperbacks for children from Scholastic.

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop tells what happens after Oz and Lily's family inherit their great uncle's massive house in London.

The shop beneath the house used to sell chocolate blended with magic in recipes that could bring people in happiness and hope.

The chocolate could make people thin, give them everlasting life or make them fall in love: and it's no wonder an evil sorcerer wants the recipes.

In Kate Saunders's novel, Oz and Lily are soon thrown into an adventure along with a talking cat and an invincible rat.

Atomic! is Guy Bass's story about the twin sons of top superhero Captain Atomic who have to go to school while their father fights superbaddies.

Jonny and Tommy find their own nemesis in the shape of terrifying teacher Ms Crackdown and have to put their differences aside to beat her.

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, written by Jonathan Auxier, tells what happens after 10-year-old orphan Peter discovers a box of magical eyes.

Peter is blind, which has not stopped him becoming the world's greatest thief, but he is fascinated by his find.

He embarks on an adventure with Sir Tode, a man-horse-kitten hybrid, featuring fighting ravens, clockwork monsters and nasty imposters.